"Living life on the goon side"


  1. Scott Frazier
    Scott Frazier
    2 órája

    "We just need a bed side for this year model either newer or older" WTF are you dudes talking about!

  2. Simon Walters
    Simon Walters
    2 órája

    Why don't u just build a tube frame for the back like a rock crawler I bet nobody else has done that yet ?

  3. Mike G
    Mike G
    2 órája

    holy shit you guys are all about making more work for yourself. you could have fixed all of the damage with the repair panel. why the hell would you not go to the roof with it and fix all of the damage.

  4. Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson
    2 órája

    Please please don’t forget about that 67!!! Try one week of power tour !!!

  5. FRANK L
    2 órája

    Hey guys whtch this guy Arthur tussik I think he is ukranian or russian he fix crash cars he is another level

  6. Gate City Paul
    Gate City Paul
    2 órája

    If you're going keep the truck, why not find an aftermarket bed or build a custom one.

  7. Max Bridges
    Max Bridges
    2 órája

    "What's a liger? Napoleon Dynamite: It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic."

  8. Zlatko Stojcevski
    Zlatko Stojcevski
    2 órája

    BUT YOU KNOW WHAT??? you need to stop saying "BUT YOU KNOW WHAT"...... getting hella annoying at this point.....

  9. Sir Digby Fafont Bittocks
    Sir Digby Fafont Bittocks
    2 órája

    You know what I’m thinking… goonzquad merch umbrellas

  10. g mass
    g mass
    2 órája

    Working with glass and no safety glasses .. omg

  11. Ross Lawrence
    Ross Lawrence
    2 órája

    What did Simon say? @1:00 If you go out there with no grips on your tits. ???

  12. James Lightbody
    James Lightbody
    2 órája

    Your adaptability to supply and weather issues and everything else that could derail your work is truly inspiring. Keep it up boys!

  13. Neil Walters
    Neil Walters
    2 órája

    You could use one of the container from the commercial lot to store your spare parts

  14. Craig Blackmon
    Craig Blackmon
    2 órája

    Be careful not to get in over head cause you do not have cameo done or the Audi done or so on and so on so see a pattern of what others do to fail cause it is getting frustrating to watch undone stuff. I banned vTunned till they get back on Mustang and this channel is about there to be banned cause you do not finish what is started left undone and move to something else and other left unfinished or goes to waist. be careful. We dont have t watch this stuff do we people. I like you guys but getting over in your head there.

  15. Paul Kate
    Paul Kate
    2 órája

    Soooo....your tellin me y'all couldn't habe lifted that axle without the skid steer. 🤔🤔🤔

  16. Big D
    Big D
    2 órája

    Excellent video as always guys ✊

  17. tlee67
    2 órája

    Y’all like vtuned now, start a bunch of projects and don’t finish any of them! 🤣

  18. John Rogers
    John Rogers
    2 órája

    Those sure are some small wheels and tires on the F450!!!

  19. Andrew Ferguson
    Andrew Ferguson
    2 órája

    Great Job!!! Thank You… :-)

  20. ripulus
    2 órája

    Looking forward to the sculpture build!

  21. Jim Connelly
    Jim Connelly
    2 órája

    You All are fluffers. UCLA

  22. Simon Walters
    Simon Walters
    2 órája

    U gotta tent already ur blow up spray booth

  23. Garip Satin
    Garip Satin
    2 órája


  24. Ianna PH
    Ianna PH
    2 órája

    This is what im waiting for. Not building garage lol.

  25. yogisnorlax
    2 órája

    Can you guys make black shirts for fat brown people like me that don't really look good in bright colors 😬😬😬

  26. David Cina
    David Cina
    2 órája

    guys i love ur videos i'm watching u for about 3 years but u guys to much talking but less work done i love to c u doing more of the work lads any love ur videos

  27. Sanusi Moriki Suleiman
    Sanusi Moriki Suleiman
    2 órája

    Pls do less talking and more repair videos!!!!!!!!!

  28. Dylan Kerns
    Dylan Kerns
    2 órája

    Those dodge challengers are pretty

  29. Nathan Brinker
    Nathan Brinker
    2 órája

    ls3 dodge XD

  30. Osbert George
    Osbert George
    2 órája

    I'd have hammered that panel back into shape quite easily, save $ ,

  31. Ken Ellison
    Ken Ellison
    2 órája

    What happened to the Tesla ??

  32. Jair Ramos
    Jair Ramos
    2 órája


  33. Average User
    Average User
    2 órája

    Having Pop's in every video now makes this channel even cooler.

  34. C Rico
    C Rico
    2 órája

    I love the hustle in these brothers ! 👍💸

  35. Mike M
    Mike M
    2 órája

    Dang! I already forgotten about the TRX!

  36. Chespi Morales
    Chespi Morales
    2 órája

    Goonzquad #1

  37. WideOpenThrottleC6
    2 órája

    im sure my neighbors would love me having a Liger sculpture in my front yard.

  38. Starr Martinez
    Starr Martinez
    2 órája

    Simone? What kind of excersie do you do for your shapy legs?

  39. Terry Collalti
    Terry Collalti
    2 órája

    Please...please...please safety first...don't get hurt...

  40. Josh Hays
    Josh Hays
    2 órája

    Always look forward to a new video

  41. tazmaster03
    2 órája

    Anyone else catch the ls3 ram?

  42. Christian Maheu
    Christian Maheu
    2 órája

    U need a 5th gen bed

  43. Octane Street
    Octane Street
    2 órája

    Crazy to hear you call Billy by his actual name haha

  44. Jonny Berggren
    Jonny Berggren
    2 órája

    Omg!!!!! Attack of the mutant ladder daddy!!!! Its all good that Thomas is watchin over you guys.... 😂😂😂

  45. brett Solo
    brett Solo
    2 órája

    Do you guys get any fish in that creek? Lol off topic but looks like a little trout heaven

  46. ricardo
    2 órája

    @goonzsquad make an NFT of said sculpture and watch it sell for 100k or more in ETH :D

  47. Payton Massey
    Payton Massey
    2 órája

    I haven’t been this excited waiting for a new video since logan paul did daily vlogs

  48. Smurphenstein
    2 órája

    Be great to see you guys make a Goonzquad totem pole at the new shop with your scrap parts. You could probably make an entire car with some of the parts.

  49. JimmyJokes
    2 órája

    A garage at the other house aswell

  50. JimmyJokes
    2 órája

    Stupidity working outside you have a shop always using the hoist as a display and collecting dust use it for what it's supposed to be use for guys also what's up with the chopper

  51. Pietro Barrasso
    Pietro Barrasso
    2 órája

    Counting how many times you say the word super, come on guys. 🤙🏼👌🏼

  52. Stan Tate
    Stan Tate
    2 órája

    Not being a D, but your family really needs to take safety seriously at all times. You're gonna lose everything you've built fast if you don't.

  53. Wrld Gaming
    Wrld Gaming
    2 órája

    Why don't yall just make a custom bed yourself out of thin steel

  54. stephen hall
    stephen hall
    2 órája

    Need to do a van build with all these parts you need

  55. Elite_HuntsMan
    2 órája

    If you get an awning for the military truck, get it in the same camo as it. Would look fire 🔥

  56. Bobby Bannerman
    Bobby Bannerman
    2 órája


  57. Qbleezy24
    2 órája

    Goonzquad umbrellas... Big ones.... Needs that

  58. Rajon Saiwak
    Rajon Saiwak
    2 órája

    What's about the house

  59. Nabor Rios M
    Nabor Rios M
    2 órája

    Great videos! Just wish it would be more working and less talking 😩

  60. Jarred
    2 órája

    When I saw that Jeep, I swear I heard the Jurassic Park theme in the distance.

  61. Tonysiete70
    2 órája


  62. Christian Maheu
    Christian Maheu
    2 órája

    dunno, but just an idea like that, someone should try to build a 2 doors charger as a reminiscing of the firsts gens.

  63. zuesunlit
    2 órája

    A sculpture of old parts mounted outside of your new commercial property will tell everybody what your all about.

  64. Christian Morriswilliams
    Christian Morriswilliams
    2 órája

    Hey am I the only one that is not seeing the camera guy in these vids. What's going on squad?

  65. Mr H
    Mr H
    2 órája

    Man, I haven't seen Thomas in a while. Great stuff guys.

  66. warren williams
    warren williams
    2 órája

    Whaaattt? You’re not gonna change the color? White’s pretty blasé 😝 How about an epic wrap?

    2 órája

    Glad to see you guys working on the trx again loving it.

  68. The Weaver
    The Weaver
    2 órája

    Day 12 of asking to fix the windshield and powder coat the wheels the same color on the viper.

  69. WideOpenThrottleC6
    2 órája

    i feel you on the rain, been nonstop all summer here in alabama

  70. John C Cargill
    John C Cargill
    2 órája

    If you guys built a sculpture and put it on Ebay, you could make great money.

  71. Bryce703 BREEZYBRYCE
    Bryce703 BREEZYBRYCE
    2 órája

    Ram trx bed maximum width is 66.4 inches, and the distance between the wheelhouses is 51 inches. It's 21.4 inches deep, and the maximum length is 60 inches with the tailgate open.

  72. Jacky Fehr
    Jacky Fehr
    2 órája

    I love you guys

  73. Stacey Kelly
    Stacey Kelly
    2 órája

    Hay guys. You know as far as land goes? I think you too should look at large amount and with private old cabins on it . So family can fix there own ??

  74. Taylor C
    Taylor C
    2 órája


  75. jacob green
    jacob green
    2 órája

    Rent a trx, get the full coverage rental insurance, swap the beds, return it and say you don’t know what happened

  76. Garip Satin
    Garip Satin
    2 órája


  77. Taylor C
    Taylor C
    2 órája


  78. simon ladvich
    simon ladvich
    2 órája