"Living life on the goon side"


  1. Jay Burrough
    Jay Burrough
    9 órája

    It doesn't seem like they are getting to good of a deal at 45k plus parts plus labor plus shop cost tow fees then it's not worth as much with the title being a from a wrecked truck the only reason it's worth it is youtube . maybe it cost more than I know

  2. B6jfkmx
    9 órája

    LS swap that S2000!!!!!!!!

  3. Darin
    9 órája

    Hey where is your doberman pincher puppy???????

  4. Formula Shift
    Formula Shift
    9 órája

    V10 swap the s2000!!!!

  5. Thundar The Barbarian
    Thundar The Barbarian
    9 órája

    Here's an idea make it a Baja beast and travel to Baja .epic 👊✌️👍🇺🇸

  6. Kyle McDonald
    Kyle McDonald
    9 órája

    The door is bugging me lol 😂

  7. Antonio Valdez
    Antonio Valdez
    9 órája

    Nececito saber yo para conprar rubiconez de4puertazchocadoz ytrocas rubicon chocadaz diganme donde lazencuentro yde precio qea pidenporeyaz kiero yo saber

  8. Antonio Valdez
    Antonio Valdez
    9 órája

    Ola donde tienen rubiconez chocadoz 2000 10 yrubiconez piconueboz chocadoz

  9. Sand King
    Sand King
    9 órája

    Im surprised they didnt break that rear glass doing burnouts

  10. D D
    D D
    9 órája

    LMAOOOOOOO WHAT ARE THOSE!? That’s the whitest pasty legs I ever seen 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Jonathan Vieira
    Jonathan Vieira
    9 órája

    Lsx Honda s2000

  12. Kyle McDonald
    Kyle McDonald
    9 órája

    I love this video 😚

  13. Glenn Polly
    Glenn Polly
    9 órája

    love that s2000

  14. Amir Harris
    Amir Harris
    9 órája

    Leave the F150 Sport alone. Please? It’s a nice looking truck as is.

  15. Kevin Velez
    Kevin Velez
    9 órája

    Do this to my 2018.

  16. Amir Harris
    Amir Harris
    9 órája

    I wish Pops would get his own channel. Why don’t you guys get the parts before you film?

  17. CS
    10 órája

    Throw a custom fabricated baja bed on it. Make a true one off truck.

  18. Byron Mason
    Byron Mason
    10 órája

    New Shirt “Spinning and Grinning” with a Ford Raptor burning out

  19. Brandon Bubbuh
    Brandon Bubbuh
    10 órája

    Hemi swap the s2000 😂🤣

  20. Zack B
    Zack B
    10 órája

    Car Mechanic Simulator has prepared me for much of this!

  21. Samuel Rodriguez
    Samuel Rodriguez
    10 órája

    Rebuild the s2k and do a giveaway for the fans !

  22. Donald Williams
    Donald Williams
    10 órája

    Pop said sure you can work on the Truck here , But your not going to use My Shop !

  23. JB Cepeda
    JB Cepeda
    10 órája

    Definately rebuild that HONDA engine for that s2k

  24. DIY Video Equipment
    DIY Video Equipment
    10 órája

    Do an LS engine swap on the s2000

  25. Jags Outdoors
    Jags Outdoors
    10 órája

    “I wonder what this is going to do to the rear tires.” Haha

  26. Donny S
    Donny S
    10 órája

    Hit the traction control button twice, turns off all traction control and engine management. Pure engine and drive train full power! Its called “Advanced trac sport mode”.

  27. jack mcminn
    jack mcminn
    10 órája

    Ford fapter

  28. Icy Mothership
    Icy Mothership
    10 órája

    Turbo ls for the s2000

  29. wally a
    wally a
    10 órája

    Put the hemi out of the cop car in it

  30. Jacob Stepnowski
    Jacob Stepnowski
    10 órája

    anyone else realize when the door closed at 15:50 the window cracked more haha

  31. cadien brown
    cadien brown
    10 órája

    Orange and black color scheme

  32. Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem
    11 órája

    ah! after a few months hiatus where I muted notificatiions glad to see another goonzquad rebuild!

  33. Rosy Albornoz de Andrade
    Rosy Albornoz de Andrade
    11 órája


  34. _7__Samurai __7_
    _7__Samurai __7_
    11 órája

    LS swap the S 2000

  35. direct Email
    direct Email
    11 órája

    If only people realized Raptors are just the junk Triton motors with a turbo there junk

  36. ted roccie
    ted roccie
    11 órája

    what happened to the helicopter ???

  37. RuiGonçalves78
    11 órája

    Please do a LS on the red s2000 and a widebody 🔥🔥🔥

  38. JB Cepeda
    JB Cepeda
    11 órája

    "early start, late in the day????"

  39. PimpTwzt
    11 órája

    I like how pops was out there showing his boys how to change an axle.

  40. Edilson Carneiro
    Edilson Carneiro
    11 órája

    Fala aí galera manda mais vídeos 🇧🇷👏👍👍

  41. ItsTheKiller69
    11 órája

    2jz on the s2000

  42. Maxxq123
    11 órája

    Hey guys your dad is real cool.... like to see him more in your videos.

  43. JUAN
    11 órája

    23:20 cool to see mexico hand made art in yout TN house

  44. Quintin Steer
    Quintin Steer
    11 órája

    Awesome seeing you guys back on cars again...loved the house build too... regarding the S2000 perhaps think of doing a K24 swop with engine mods. ou guys have all the companies in the US to help make that swop easy. Keep up the great content!

  45. Derek Gragert
    Derek Gragert
    12 órája

    Do an LS swap on that s2000!

  46. Fatdaddy Gaming
    Fatdaddy Gaming
    12 órája

    Check out a HUpacr name Brent at PFI speed!! Him and Honda motors was meant to be he's a beast with them promise check out his channel

  47. Miomir Bratic
    Miomir Bratic
    12 órája

    A electric S2000 would be interesting if it's so light weight and fun to drive. Imagine that torque

  48. K Rich
    K Rich
    12 órája

    they always talk about ripping ..but literally never rip anything lol

  49. Trevor Douglas Africa
    Trevor Douglas Africa
    12 órája

    Hey guys, what is your URL for your channel?

  50. Zach Weinberg
    Zach Weinberg
    12 órája

    I want to see y’all do an engine swap on the S2k

  51. TenHeadLife
    12 órája

    Put that s2000 on a small 4x4 truck frame

  52. Matt Hood
    Matt Hood
    12 órája

    Are you going to give us an update on the new building metal building that you guys are building haven’t seen it in a while👍🏻

  53. Ashton Molands
    Ashton Molands
    13 órája

    I love to see pops happy

  54. Dannyel Fülöp
    Dannyel Fülöp
    13 órája

    Rebuild S2000 and swap!!!

  55. TC music
    TC music
    13 órája

    6:43-6:47 spider

  56. Mark Beltrán
    Mark Beltrán
    13 órája

    Only thing I don’t like about our/every raptor is when in manual mode. When you hit the redline the trucks kinda stalls for a bit then shifts into next gear weird but it is what it is

  57. Rocco Gaming and biking
    Rocco Gaming and biking
    13 órája

    I love your videos

  58. Rocco Gaming and biking
    Rocco Gaming and biking
    13 órája


  59. Star Buck
    Star Buck
    13 órája

    I like the videos... make sure you wear your safety glasses whenever drilling or hammering :)

  60. Fit_in_this Miller
    Fit_in_this Miller
    13 órája

    I would love to see an Acura nsx build!

  61. Lucas Shoener
    Lucas Shoener
    13 órája

    Y’all better LS swap that s2000

  62. Ray Foster
    Ray Foster
    13 órája

    S 2000 + TURBO?

  63. Andruw Lopez
    Andruw Lopez
    13 órája

    Widebody on the s2000

  64. Alec Benton
    Alec Benton
    13 órája

    Make the S2000 into a drift car!

  65. Jody Armenta
    Jody Armenta
    14 órája

    Badass been here since the jeep build glad pops is a big part of the channel now

  66. Олег Долганенко
    Олег Долганенко
    14 órája

    Hello everybody). First of all, I would put an Apple tablet 12.9 instead of a small computer, and then it will be super convenient and functional.

  67. Lars Fristedt
    Lars Fristedt
    14 órája

    Let PFI-Speed build a engine for that S2000 around 500-700 hp

  68. Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith
    14 órája

    Please at least get a metal cover for all those cars..

  69. Andres Cortez
    Andres Cortez
    14 órája

    Corvette ls engine swap

  70. Ramon Cox
    Ramon Cox
    14 órája

    19:12 gives me Phineas and Ferb vibes

  71. Vincent Dermience
    Vincent Dermience
    14 órája

    Welcome back kids - building cars again :-)

  72. фул пипец
    фул пипец
    14 órája

    Лэди энд джентльмены дыс Окей!

  73. trevor spence
    trevor spence
    14 órája

    dude!!!! lol

  74. ant p
    ant p
    14 órája

    Hard top

  75. rich kemp
    rich kemp
    14 órája

    The ostrich bone is for the dog lol

  76. AA HURR1CAN3
    14 órája

    Can you show us all the cars?

  77. Danny
    14 órája

    will the Lamborghini engine fit in the s2k

  78. Marcos Chavez
    Marcos Chavez
    15 órája

    When they said s2ks were holding their value i let out a tear. I was about to buy one for 7k a few years back now they are in the 14k range. Ill have it someday

  79. Matt Dubbsz
    Matt Dubbsz
    15 órája

    Make it the wife’s daily! Or her special ride to the new HQ

  80. Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer
    15 órája

    Hmm. I seem to remember that that s2000 was a 2005.