The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 64

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That pretty much it!!! Were doing the very last things we can on our own. We finally got all the hand rails and guard rails installed and now we are left with very little to do. We are super happy we made it this far and we cant wait to wrap this build up. We couldn't be happier with how everything is turning out and soon it'll all be over. We cant wait to show you guys the final result! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  1. Vashon Blackstone
    Vashon Blackstone
    23 napja

    Billy why is Simon always behind the camera

  2. curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock
    26 napja

    Those rails look amazing so modern 😍 and it’s finally coming together love it pops is here too this house is so posh 😊 the contrast between the light and floor with that handrail oooof

  3. Alan Hauch
    Alan Hauch
    27 napja

    Used to get 1.5 million views per video with car builds and now 600k per tells me people don’t feel these goonz crap anymore

  4. vVeazel
    29 napja

    Wear a mask, boys. It's not a political symbol. Protect your family.

  5. Ares Olympius
    Ares Olympius

    If y'all paid the same for all those handrail posts when they were supposed to all be solid wood, are y'all going to be calling that vendor for some answers?

  6. Dean

    I feel played..paid for 2 white camo paid international shipping to then find out I got thin ass sweaters then new videos came out promoting thicker better quality....smh I’m upset I have to wear 2 sometimez 3 layers with the goonzquad merch I got :(

  7. Lewis Rayner
    Lewis Rayner

    Over 2 months ago (when you thought you were almost finished) I pointed out that when the drywall is hung you are only half way finished in time and money...So how's that going? I hope you don't find out why doing the floors last (as I suggested when you did the tile floors in the bath) is good construction practice. To the guy that recommend you watch a HUpac on how to install railings...Someone might think they're watching one now. That's the problem with learning from HUpac videos.

  8. Jonathan Chin
    Jonathan Chin

    Pap's accent sounds like "The Godfather" 😄

  9. tezcatlipoca 23
    tezcatlipoca 23

    I am from Mexico Mexicali and I have been watching your videos for more than 3 years, I have seen them grow and the truth is that what you do is fantastic. I would love to work for you, the truth is I would like to go where you are and stay and live there with you and to get paid to work and learn everything you know. And by the way, I wanted to mention that I am a citizen too.

  10. Tennessee Outlaw
    Tennessee Outlaw

    What editing software do y’all use I have 596 subscribers about to hit 600 I think it’s about time I start doing something more professional please get back to me

  11. SNFOX_ElSavage

    All the hoodies are sold out 😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Salty Kraken
    Salty Kraken

    A plumber who forgets to plumb a bathroom is not a plumber. He's an idiot.

  13. Octane Street
    Octane Street

    It's definitely a tough call for the final bit of the downstairs hand rail.. the idea of just buying more caps to nail to the top (LVL) would look cool but it might make the hand rail look incomplete. I think going with wood the whole way might make it look best!

  14. endelmann

    You all literally managed to take a beautiful house outside and turned it into a huge pile of shit on the inside. You literally made it completely basic and tasteless. It’s almost like looking at an apartment when they redo it after someone moves out. Zero contrast just white everywhere, zero taste and zero personality. Who puts white cabinets in a fully white painted house and white bathroom tile. What a shame and that handrail going into the lvl is absolutely hideous. If I were an inspector I’d fail you on making a beautiful house look like dog shit.

  15. C.P. Luis Arnoldo Sanchez
    C.P. Luis Arnoldo Sanchez


  16. Kaitlyn Lankford
    Kaitlyn Lankford

    it’s the way that these boys have built a house up all in SLIDES

  17. julian mares
    julian mares

    Glass rails would’ve looked cool and modern

  18. Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas

    They FINALLY have a guard rail, that "hole" in the floor was giving me anxiety !

  19. Miller Long
    Miller Long

    I would do the little black pieces ago the pole

  20. murry001

    Stairs look fucking amazing, good work ya'll

  21. Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    Wow! Was that a “Friday” reference in a Goonzquad video??? Never thought I’d see the day lol

  22. Jake Stidham
    Jake Stidham

    Most consistent channel on youtube. And positive. God bless!

  23. Skiridr22

    A lift kit and a hemi will do the trick.

  24. Alvise Rombolotto
    Alvise Rombolotto


  25. Vance McDaniel
    Vance McDaniel

    So, you building a second house on the property for the younger brother?

  26. Marlon Green
    Marlon Green


  27. Bryan Crews
    Bryan Crews

    Use wood to finish out the spindles on the stairs

  28. Benjamín Juhás
    Benjamín Juhás

    Guys you could do hoddies with your trucks on it😉

  29. Ethan Macheras
    Ethan Macheras

    Railing for stairs is on point and do wood for the top of handrail!

  30. Ethan Muldrow
    Ethan Muldrow

    Hey Simon

  31. Robert M
    Robert M


  32. AVI avi
    AVI avi


  33. Danieldouglas Douglas
    Danieldouglas Douglas

    What are you doing now video of the house

  34. The HAZET Garage
    The HAZET Garage

    You should peel off all the Stickers from the Glas in the Windows and Doors. The UV-Light from the Sun will burn Shadows into the Glas around them and you can see later where the stickers have been.

  35. steve A
    steve A

    Your gonna need to put that floor cover back!!

  36. Hector Flores
    Hector Flores

    We want cars videos

  37. Foxy961

    Hey guys love the work so far, awesome progress hope to see a garage being build in 2021 :D

  38. benny

    We made it "Thus far" ? "thus" way to proper for me. Just say " dang son and all that good stuff and we sweet.

  39. Kevin Dietz
    Kevin Dietz

    pops is cracking me up!!!!!

  40. Umid

    Hi guys. Can you silicon those holes under the stairs?

  41. Sergio Rodrigues
    Sergio Rodrigues

    OK ok tell me there mom should have a cooking channel

  42. Luis E. Sanabria
    Luis E. Sanabria

    Use the spindle and caps

  43. samzix samoeal
    samzix samoeal

    american houses are soooo boring being all white

    1. John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Eleazar and his wife are likely to follow the example of most young couples, and decide on decorations a room at a time after they move in during February. They can then make decisions whilst taking their time and developing their shared taste for the personalisation of their new home, while being free of interruptions from cameras and construction works.

  44. Frank G
    Frank G

    would of also been nice to keep doors and/or trim in wood finish too, whether stained or varnished, it beats bland.


    Don't paint the guard rail. It goes well with the floor

  46. Anthony Soprano
    Anthony Soprano

    I'm ready for this house to be done! Get back to building cars.

  47. J Miles
    J Miles

    Don't take it personally, but wtf get back to building repairing cars. 5 plus months. Haven't watched a video in 5 months. Came to check in and was like dang.......

  48. Tom G
    Tom G

    Those newels gonna wobble after a month

  49. Doc

    “This house build is gonna be over before you know it” *64 episodes in*

  50. Doc

    Can’t wait for video 126 wren the tiling finally gets done.

  51. Doc

    Every new video these jokers always got more merch that you got as buy right away because it’s “limited” 😂

  52. RescueTeam

    Outstanding work, Gentlemen!!! Use an addt'l piece of wood for the railings.

  53. Tevin Thompson
    Tevin Thompson

    I think we should used the whood finish on the rail

  54. Tahoe Fisher
    Tahoe Fisher

    Now for the more important part ...the garage!

  55. gavin hardy
    gavin hardy

    Them newl posts should of been cut out and set into the the joists/ staircase. L brackets “REALLY “ 🤔🤔

  56. Jarjis Sharan
    Jarjis Sharan

    Hey Goonzquad! Im saying this there is this channel called Angel fix and it leaked your headquarters and the and the Goonzquad garage.They even have leaked a vtunes garage so if you guys can take action. Thank You Jarjis

    1. John Stedman
      John Stedman

      The privacy of well known people has been legally protected strongly in some countries such as the UK, but generally not in the USA (with the exception of the State of California). The First Amendment of the US Constitution is often cited as an argument in favour of such a position. In States such as Tennessee and Georgia, where Goonzquad are based, the general principle tends to be that those persons who freely choose to put themselves in the public eye, such as Content Creators with a regular presence on Social Media, must expect to enjoy less privacy than those who keep to themselves. If the location of a HUpac channel owner is revealed on a publicly accessible internet platform, then "the cat is out of the bag" and there is no practical or legal method of turning back the clock. It is a matter which intending online 'personalities' should carefully consider before they begin promoting themselves on a largely uncensored and openly accessible media source which will inevitably attract some viewers with morally dubious intentions.

  57. N Abcdefghijklmn
    N Abcdefghijklmn

    Do you guys have so little respect for the safety of your family? The install of those posts is shockingly bad and wont save anyone that falls or trips against them! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  58. spotty66 st.martin
    spotty66 st.martin

    Why did you pick up your protection for your floor you still have to sand it and paint still have to do touch-ups I'm the countertops needs to go on why

  59. Xain YT
    Xain YT

    Great job on the hand rails boys looks amazing

  60. Xain YT
    Xain YT

    Great job on the hand rail looks amazing

  61. Jay P
    Jay P

    With all the guardrail comments, I watched another video where a guy ran a long threaded rod from near the cap into the plywood floor and essentially bolted it down, so I assume that's pretty strong although not connected to a floor joist. On the other hand, didn't those little L-brackets come with the posts? And when everything is connected like it is, the whole structure should be fairly strong like an airplane whose individual components may not be very strong until connected together. Maybe the inspector will require a good old-fashioned crash test.

    1. John Stedman
      John Stedman

      The fixing of the Newel Posts in the 'HQ House' is unlikely to pass Code, which requires the entire balustrade to resist a static lateral load of 200 pounds at the handrail height without noticeably deflecting. The four Posts have to be bolted or otherwise firmly secured to the structure in such a manner as to satisfy this standard requirement, and the building will not pass Final Inspection until the Building Inspector has checked this critical safety feature. Regarding the four small brackets supplied which have been attached with small screws, these are intended only for levelling during installation and are not adequate to support the Newels.

  62. Jeremy Usher
    Jeremy Usher

    Top,job hand rail looks great boys

  63. GioS Life
    GioS Life

    19:17 put plants 🪴 there

  64. Ron C-RIDER
    Ron C-RIDER

    Bro y’all should check out those rails that’s metal cable & either wood or metal posts or a combo of both. It looks so cool !!!! Also next y’all need to build a house out of storage containers, they’re freaking amazing !!!!

  65. John Stedman
    John Stedman

    Goonzquad were deceived by the source from which they purchased the 'solid wood' Newel Post or Posts that were not actually made of solid wood. The US Federal Trade Commission regards a product described by a seller as 'solid wood' as needing to be made from milled lumber entirely sourced from a tree, and does not support the description of 'veneered engineered timber' ('VET') as 'solid wood' in products. Some advertisers and retailers misrepresent VET as being equal to 'solid wood' but that verges on deception because solid wood is a largely known quantity as far as strength is concerned, is known to remain durable for a hundred years or more, is usually repairable if damaged, and has excellent impact resistance and fire resistance, whereas VET is of unknown quality, tends to be weaker than solid wood, combusts rapidly while emitting toxic fumes, has unknown durability over time (particularly with regard to the adhesive or adhesives used) and the veneers are damage prone, particularly on external corners. VET is popular with retailers and suppliers simply because it is much cheaper to produce than solid wood, but it is certainly inferior in many respects, and as soon as Goonzquad found that they had been deceived and charged for a product that was falsely described they could and should have rejected the inferior product and insisted either on being given the goods they had actually ordered, or they would be legally entitled to demand an immediate full refund and then to obtain their needs from an honest source elsewhere.

  66. stevengary1989

    This place is awesome

  67. benard kadima
    benard kadima

    I'm happy when ever your are explaining anything special to your brother

  68. Bob Mal
    Bob Mal

    To sell those posts as “solid wood” all that is required is they not be hollow in the center. It does not require they be filled with all the same type of wood or even one square solid piece. Just that the post structure is filled and solid. Using cheaper wood in the center saves manufacturing costs.

  69. Lela Eber
    Lela Eber

    Cheap wood from China I'm sure.

  70. joelmacleod17

    For the stairs underneath, instead of ending on the block, take the block out and run a matching hardwood board and continue running your balusters into the board. This will finish the stairs off real nice.👍

  71. Gabby Griggs
    Gabby Griggs

    Everyone keeps shouting about how they need to just hire professionals, yet they DID hire professionals to do the plumbing and professionals still fucked it up 🧐🤔

  72. CMDR SVT

    Video starts at 21:17, you’re welcome

  73. Manuel Lopez
    Manuel Lopez


  74. Jason Harris
    Jason Harris

    It’s nice you guys and your dad can do a lot of the work. Good bonding time and save a couple bucks. Making good progress.

  75. amnkerr29

    The New goonzquad headquarters address is 880 mountain bluff Ln

  76. Offroad Adventures
    Offroad Adventures

    Where did you guys get those stair posts?

  77. Darrin Potter
    Darrin Potter

    This post aren’t gonna last only bracketed down! They needed to be bolted to the stair stringers and the floor joists! Don’t bump into them very hard, or have kids swing off the corner post

  78. Jay Jon
    Jay Jon

    You’ll should’ve install rails last. Thinking of your furniture carrying it upstairs.. it would be hard to maneuver around the rails.. IDK..🇺🇸🇺🇸

  79. chris18228

    These vids are getting so boring it seems like the same stuff over and over agin

  80. John Howard
    John Howard

    You should have terminated the top of rail into 1x6 white oak board butted into the vertical surface. If you can detach the top of rail and swap out the supplied trim piece with 1x is your best bet

  81. Lee Epps
    Lee Epps

    Step Rails Should Have Been Continuous To Keep The Same Look .. Some Elbows Would Have Got You There .. ( Smile ).

  82. Gangster 404
    Gangster 404

    Love you channel - I own a stair company - Depending on your inspector and how close he looks at things you have some problems. Your first guard railing post needs be installed behind the top stair riser per code. Use the proper hardware to install your posts and use some Franklin tight bond on your railing to post connections with the screws to keep the joints from breaking and moving. You need to epoxy in the spindles at least on the bottom for sheer strength and keeps them from twisting/moving, the trim plate will cover the glue. The guard railing per code has to be able to take 200 pounds of side sheer force. Your railing right now is dangerous and should not pass code. The railing to wall connection needs to have a wood backer behind the drywall. Your bottom riser should have run clear through to the outside of the wall covered by drywall. Then fasten your post on the floor to the face of the riser w/glue and hardened screws. The stair railing is guard railing too and needs to run riser to wall. You have to have minimum 36" opening between the post and the wall with the code hand rail installed : )

    1. John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Yes, that is the correct way to do it!

  83. Matthew Zoelle
    Matthew Zoelle

    I like the wood look for the top part of the stairs.

  84. david shepherd
    david shepherd

    Why don't you cut the off cut bits of the safety rail into coasters a bit of varnish and they will look cool

  85. Al Spadaccini
    Al Spadaccini

    Hi Boys. Sorry to say but I subscribed when you guys were building awesome cars bit over the last several months you have become a home Reno channel which is way removed from what you are known for. I’ll come back down the road when cars are back on the menu.

  86. Jim hill billy
    Jim hill billy

    Can't wait to see you start you shop

  87. Sue Ann Tharp
    Sue Ann Tharp

    I don’t comment much on things, but ya’ll, KREG jigs are AWESOME 😎

  88. Joe Pelanconi
    Joe Pelanconi

    Wood for sure to finish the handrail!

  89. Goran Babic
    Goran Babic

    There we go more hack work by hacks.

  90. A Richmond
    A Richmond

    How are use the caps to finish off the stairs. Personally I think it’s a cleaner look.

  91. Bianca Troskie
    Bianca Troskie

    Simon's idea for sure 👌🏻

  92. Travis Williams
    Travis Williams

    Caps on both sides of spindles is my vote instead of wood on top. Be clean

  93. Lexie

    I would like to see video bloopers. Do you guys think you can show some?

  94. saj1913

    Just throwing this out there, you guys should have built a half wall and finish with crown molding upstairs instead of guardrail. It looks 100x better and you can decorate on top of molding.

  95. Ima Starboy
    Ima Starboy

    i hope u had the plumber double check things, maybe with a snake camera through the pipes, cause you had that one weak spot that could have leaked bad and might be more weak unsealed areas

  96. Lars Ledure
    Lars Ledure

    The only thing i would do is changing the shape of the light bulbs it would look so mutch better. Greatz from belgium ✌peace

  97. Bali Kubu
    Bali Kubu

    I need you to attend to the gaps under the stairs where the trim is... it’s annoying me 😅

  98. perry cooper
    perry cooper

    Totally blown away by you guys not fazed by any thing you just jump in and have a go that’s the way to go and learn on the job. I’d like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to your parents done a great job raising you boys and still giving you a helping hand they are so proud of you it’s written all over their faces keep it coming and you all keep safe 👏👏👏👏👍😉

  99. Steven 8-Stones
    Steven 8-Stones

    Awsome work guys! Say hi to pops because he’s making u guy’s look cooler 😂🙌

  100. Billy Grow
    Billy Grow

    Stairs: Finish up with just the iron pieces into the LVL beam with the decorative black iron.