The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 56

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We finally got them all finished!!! The floors of this house are ready to go and now we can move onto the next part of the process. We have a few more weeks to go on this project and we cant wait to get it done. The next most time consuming task would be to paint the entire house, but I cant wait to tackle it. The headquarters will be finished here soon and its going to be awesome!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  1. curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock
    26 napja

    That is aweosme looking 💪 going strong will look great ones all completed

  2. andrea falorni
    andrea falorni
    27 napja

    Nike should sponsor your videos considering how long that sandals are in the video! :D

  3. jason acevedo
    jason acevedo

    I like when they put down the forbidden milk 🥛 🚫

  4. Few Does It
    Few Does It

    I hope you guys looked out for bugs before you ate that pizza, lol 😂

  5. Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    I hate being late for an upload

  6. Orlando Avila
    Orlando Avila

    Hey guys love the show .. Always watching every episode, I’m going to suggest to use Quartz’s countertops instead of granite , They don’t stain like granite do and less maintenance required, I been doing remodeling for 31 years and that’s what I recommend, Also primer is very important before you do painting especially on new construction, If you don’t it will start pealing at some point do to the humidity during summer time , Who ever told you is not needed don’t know anything about painting just saying ... Orlando Massachusetts

  7. saj1913

    “No permits were pulled in the making of this video” damn guys you gotta build a half wall in the loft so no one falls down the hole for the stairs

  8. Jair Ramos
    Jair Ramos


  9. Rosy Albornoz de Andrade
    Rosy Albornoz de Andrade


  10. Yussuf Ahmed
    Yussuf Ahmed

    U guys ar doing great 👍🏽

  11. Ethan Macheras
    Ethan Macheras

    Almost done with floors!

  12. Musashininja

    Go with the Saturn finish because the Gloss will be heaps more slippery if it gets wet especially the kitchen and entry doorways. Don't be walking in with those muddy boots on when it's finished either!

  13. Shawn Schiller
    Shawn Schiller

    Why did you do the flooring first and not paint... now you have to cover the floors and have so much traffic while working on everything else risk damaging the floor before you are finished with the inside😳😳

  14. zimma1984

    @1:35 that roach was playing possum it just took it's beating and crawled away.

  15. Bryan Crews
    Bryan Crews

    Satin is the way to go for sure. Hides imperfections better. Did floors and cabinets for a few years when I was in school. I was the t-bar master. Square pad works though too. Good job on the floors

  16. ShowMePickers

    You think it would have been easier to paint the walls before doing the floors.

  17. Dan Ashcroft
    Dan Ashcroft

    happy new years goonz...Sell me a car when I am in America...

  18. Jason 328D
    Jason 328D

    The intro always cracks me up with the wild arm swings and the “as you seen” which should be as you saw. Every time same thing, lol. These boys make up for the lack of knowledge in the work ethic Dept. Can’t be taught. Good on them !

  19. Kealan O'Meara
    Kealan O'Meara

    I see you billy with those soccer skills

  20. Ken Baker
    Ken Baker

    I still don’t know why they are putting the floors in before painting!? I wouldn’t do it that way! Paint goes first, then floors! What are you going to do if you have an accident? Floors ruined! Think about that one!

  21. Ochir Sanjaadorj
    Ochir Sanjaadorj

    1:40 Roach is on the move :D

  22. Ashton Maldonado
    Ashton Maldonado

    Wear a mask in public.

  23. Bates Place
    Bates Place

    daaang son yall good at finishing floors.

  24. Adam Wing
    Adam Wing

    No skim coat or texture over the bare drywall before paint?

  25. Kenneth Marthen
    Kenneth Marthen

    I've watched most of the car now I have watched most of the video on the house dang

  26. Kenneth Marthen
    Kenneth Marthen

    You guys are doing a very good job keep going dang

  27. colin7761

    Does any one notice the bug that they squished came back to life and then dipped!?

  28. Jack Batchelder
    Jack Batchelder

    Giant cockroach

  29. Omar Kaidi
    Omar Kaidi

    I miss the cars man

  30. Anthony Ferreira
    Anthony Ferreira

    The boyz want more heavy sweatshirts!

  31. Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark

    Doing flooring before painting yes your a hack

  32. Wally Mopar
    Wally Mopar

    Paint first than put on the trim

  33. Tyrone Hunter
    Tyrone Hunter

    The floors are looking great guys! Keep doing the good work!

  34. clownage123

    Gotta stop doing the drinking game with my mates guessing the number of times they say "dude "per scene ...burp!

  35. Josiah Bartlett
    Josiah Bartlett

    You guys need to put American force wheels on the 450

  36. J A
    J A

    Doing a great job guys. Just a question though....what about central heating? Are you going all electric / Fire place / stove? There are some nice wood stoves that heat the water too as a back up. Peace!

    1. J A
      J A

      @John Stedman nice, ahh i remember now lol, Doh. Thx.

    2. John Stedman
      John Stedman

      All rooms in the building are heated/cooled by a central HVAC system which is powered by electricity.

  37. Christian Clark
    Christian Clark

    I would paint before you do trim

  38. Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    Where the fan Mail been at

  39. Michael Figueiredo
    Michael Figueiredo

    Buy a Wrecked McLaren

  40. Nando Ramos
    Nando Ramos

    #dannggson good stuff y’all

  41. davidw 793
    davidw 793

    You guys have to deal with the mud out there

  42. Richard Ford
    Richard Ford

    Yep paint first then painted trim you only have to touch up . Happy new year to all. Cheers from Rick in Australia

  43. MrTo YouBoy
    MrTo YouBoy

    At 4:54 you say your exterminating skills kicked in , I'm guessing those skills are on par with your window installation skills , because if you roll back to 1:39 you see that little fucker get up and run away

  44. Getcell

    Why They keeping doing boring vids like this? I wish they come back to do more car restoration 🙄🙄

  45. Yatri DeCosta
    Yatri DeCosta

    Hey!! I have used `Sappheiros - Truth` as the background song in my video and even after giving the credit I got the copyright claim from CD baby. I'm new on HUpac. Not sure how to dispute the claim. Can someone please help me on this!!!!!

    1. John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Content Creators need to ensure that they have obtained any necessary Rights to any Copyrighted works (such as music) before incorporating it into any work which they intend to upload. It is up to the Copyright Holder whether they will accept a 'credit' as sufficient, or if they require a financial contribution for Licensing their work to a HUpacr. This is made very clear in HUpac's rules. The onus is firmly placed on Creators to read, understand and follow the regulations, which are described in the YT 'Creator Academy'. This resource also describes the actions which Creators may take if they wish to dispute a copyright claim made by another party. Many Creators avoid potential problems by only incorporating 'Copyright Free' musical compositions in their work, and also by avoiding any music from well known artists, since this is highly likely to be protected by Copyright, which is almost certain to be enforced.

  46. Rajitha Kumarage
    Rajitha Kumarage

    @ goonzquad it is very unfair that you do not have any focus on Simons house (Well House)!! You should finish it ASAP.

  47. Starship Lightkey
    Starship Lightkey

    Good painters trick is to use a slim Jim and roll a 6 inch band of primer and paint everywhere you gonna lay trim so when it's time to cut in you don't have to worry about it on new construction always use a quality primer first always use your hands just like you would on a car and feel the texture if it need some light sanding it will only add to the quality of the job

  48. Tonysiete70


  49. Patricia Miner
    Patricia Miner

    I kept thinking the roach was going to jump on the pizza

    1. John Stedman
      John Stedman

      The pizza had extra anchovies in the topping. Cockroaches are too discriminating to eat those.

  50. Todd Irwin
    Todd Irwin

    Can't wait till you guys are hosting big races out there

  51. Ramachandra Shettihalli
    Ramachandra Shettihalli

    Man.. Where did all the car videos and the cars go??

  52. Sr Mix Alot
    Sr Mix Alot

    Last time I finished hardwood floors I used a foam type roller and it turned out pretty good but seeing this way I wil try that way too..

  53. Chaparro Herrera
    Chaparro Herrera

    Nobody: 1:40 the roach running again🤣

  54. Flying Bob
    Flying Bob

    I’m no carpenter or painter, it just seems to me that I would have painted first with spray gun than the floors and then the trim. Faster and easier but that’s just me.

  55. Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa

    Happy new year 🤔🖖👍👊🚗

  56. Jason Anderson
    Jason Anderson

    How old are you guys ?

    1. John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Eleazar ('Billy') is around 25, and Simeon is a year or two younger.

  57. Wilson Andrade
    Wilson Andrade


  58. Kevin C
    Kevin C

    Paint first paint trim outside

  59. Wheelin N’ Dealin
    Wheelin N’ Dealin

    Hahah you guys seriously are an inspiration

  60. John Martin
    John Martin

    Yeah Simon you where Zooming until that cord got sucked in 😅😂🤣

  61. James Robinson
    James Robinson

    Some nice big ceiling fans would tie that upstairs together

  62. plomo 809
    plomo 809

    You guys should of painted the walls first

  63. Amarius Williams
    Amarius Williams

    After the house build is we goin to see the audi get rebuilt again?

  64. TheFastStang

    ...cant wait for the new garage/shop build, new tools, maybe snapon or sth, toolboxes and cabinets, tool-sponsorships, bendpaklifts, paintbooth, more viper content...

  65. Tom Reagan
    Tom Reagan

    Paint first trim last

    1. goran babic
      goran babic

      They are hacks and always going to be a hacks.

  66. mark brown
    mark brown

    Too many ads today boyz

  67. Jerry Dausman
    Jerry Dausman

    We used bona stone tile laminate professional series cleaner on our four year old laminate floors with two dogs, they still look awesome!

  68. SHMS

    Can’t wait till you guys do the garden project!

  69. evsnova74

    Lol tannin pull, called it. It's not the t bar's fault, it's not using a proper sealer's fault. Ask Bona if it's ok to use mega as a 1st coat

  70. Cars Lovers
    Cars Lovers

    Rebuild Bmw M4 👋

  71. oharagavin

    Wow they really are going to drag this

  72. calib

    should go top down.. ceilings, walls then floors then

    1. John Stedman
      John Stedman

      In theory, yes. But most projects have practicality and timetabling as priorities, and this often means that compromises have to be made. It is quite often necessary to 'work around' by creating an unusual sequence of trades to achieve deadlines. This is particularly common when carrying out alterations, repairs or remodelling of existing buildings. In Goonzquad's case, they have inherited a partly complete structure which had atypical problems, which complicated their planning.

  73. в Яндекс 1место Алексей Мир oliver_111 VK
    в Яндекс 1место Алексей Мир oliver_111 VK

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  74. J.t.R. JP
    J.t.R. JP

    i dont like the glare it makes the sun shines on the floor. that reflection gets annoying

  75. bladerunner1b

    It's coming along nicely fellas.

  76. Bria Lowe
    Bria Lowe

    What is the white pole with red and blue wires that is upstairs?

    1. John Stedman
      John Stedman

      The vertical white drainage pipe and its attendant red and blue (hot and cold) water supply pipes have been installed so that a sink can be connected. This will serve a Wet Bar which is for use by occupants in the Living Room and will also serve those using the adjacent External Deck.

  77. Alex V
    Alex V


  78. Ruben Joseph
    Ruben Joseph

    1:40 the roach comes back to life and runs away

  79. Ken blank
    Ken blank

    was that a king size roach in the box.

  80. Stone Cold
    Stone Cold

    Your little bitty house looks like shit compared to TJ Hunts new house. Cmon millionairs come off of some of that HUpac money

  81. Pete Mitchell
    Pete Mitchell

    Gotta say i nolonger watch these, i try but then i just wind them forward. Not interesting at all.

  82. WDB Galaxy
    WDB Galaxy


  83. ipete6

    Are you guys doing crown molding?

  84. Cynthia Browne
    Cynthia Browne

    Love you guys,however three shows on wood flooring just doesn't hold the interest. I still appreciate all you do! Maybe you could start the big car garage soon. Start your line up at the new Goonzquad head quarters.

  85. Carlo Miller
    Carlo Miller

    Want to know about the new garage, kinda of getting bored with the house!!!!

  86. sonal nice healthy bodkar
    sonal nice healthy bodkar

    Wonderful 👌👌👌⭐️⭐️🙏🏻❣️

  87. galagaworldchampion

    Satin is the tits

  88. AL Baretta
    AL Baretta

    How is house going to be heated?

    1. John Stedman
      John Stedman

      The whole property is served by a central HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) unit which blows heated or cooled air to every room through ducts and registers (grilles). All the ducts are already in place, and the central unit and registers should be installed soon. The system is electrically powered.

  89. SoggyBiscuits1000

    16:36 who ya gonna calllllllllllll??? dust busters!!!

  90. Richard LaPenes
    Richard LaPenes

    Nice to meet Sam! Looking good guys, keep up the good work!

  91. Mike Foster
    Mike Foster

    Satin gets my vote

  92. Alex

    that roach walking around 1:40

  93. Lijstencentrale Zevenaar
    Lijstencentrale Zevenaar

    Guy just a lesson from a old carpenter. Always the wire over your shoulder. So it’s never gets in to the machine you are working with.

  94. noobwow2009

    I am glad you actually took off your shoe 😂.. Some american wear shoes inside their house.. disgusting

  95. Anthony Rock
    Anthony Rock

    Doing a great job personally would have done darker wood stain to match the flow of the outside of the house but looks great

  96. Edilson Carneiro
    Edilson Carneiro

    Show parabéns voceis são feras parabéns

  97. Hans van Erdelen
    Hans van Erdelen

    Happy New year Gonzquad wishes you from the Netherlands.

  98. Adil Maawy
    Adil Maawy

    Man we miss them vehicle videos. If you could also do vehicle rebuilds it would be great

  99. juaan ch
    juaan ch

    omfg ther's 2 of themmmm

  100. Anne Austin
    Anne Austin

    Question!!! Where is the Dobie puppy y'all got a while back?!